OOPS! / August 20, 2021

What The Heck Are These?


We have all experienced those moments when the light bulb goes on and the AHA! of epiphany flairs to life. I’ve had more than I care to count in many areas, but particularly when it involves needlepoint.

I come from a family that did not really dabble in the needle arts. When I began needlepointing, I just… did it; no class, no instruction, and– more importantly– not feeling comfortable enough to ask questions. The only people I knew turned out beautiful works of art using ‘yarn and needles’ and were too intimidating to approach.

I forgot that there are really no silly questions, and, frankly, I didn’t even know what to ask.

I was told over and over again to use threads about 18” long. If I didn’t, I was stressing the threads, losing the sheen, and all other matters of sinful things.

I understood what people were saying, but I wasn’t comfortable telling them about my struggles with threading needles. I didn’t want to share how the very thought was enough for my forehead to break out in a sweat, my heartbeat to skip, and my hands to shake.

So, I continued to struggle for two years in silence.

I could never just pinch the thread and put it through the eye of the needle. I would spend up to 10 minutes attempting to get the needle threaded… then I began stitching with a thread that was 60” long. The longer the thread, the fewer times a needle needed to be threaded.

Then one day a kind soul said,
“Why are you struggling? Why don’t you use a needle threader?”

AHA! My stitching life changed in an instant!

I now own multiple types of threaders and use every one of them every time I stitch. I no longer dread the idea of threading a needle. I stitch more frequently. I use 18″ threads.

Moral of the story: there are no silly questions! If you are struggling with something while stitching – just ask! Chances are someone else has encountered the same thing and someone may very well have a solution or at least a shoulder to cry on.